Baader Microstage II camera adapter #2450330

The latest version of the Baader microstage II camera adapter was been widened to 25mm to allow a secure grip of your telescope or spotting scope eyepiece. Just like the older version it allows you to swing the camera to one side while remaining attached to the eyepiece.

Unlike prime focus photography, imaging through the eye piece makes it more suitable for compact cameras and smart phones (may need an extra adapter)

Secure grip! 25mm wide eyepiece clamp, for safely holding heavy cameras without any torsion.
•Much more stiff and rigid construction than all clones
•Sturdy construction made of metal and plastic
•Carries and aligns compact cameras with standard photo-thread
•Foldable, compact construction
•Very light-weight (215 g) and very sturdy
•For cameras with a weight of up to 1.5 kg
•Fits to all eyepieces with diameters between 29 and 63mm
•Dimensions: 17,5x12x2,6 cm / 7 x 5 x 1 ” (folded)
•Incl. soft-leather bag – for scratch-free storage together with your expensive optical equipment
•Clickstop 3D camera support arm – perfect for all kinds of spotting scopes
•Great for birding, target shooting and much more

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