Olivon PC 10×42 binoculars for general use


The Olivon PC 8×42 binoculars were the optics of choice at the Waters` Edge centre public outlet for a customer looking for a high quality set for general use.

After trying a few sets, they opted for the Olivon PC 10×42 binoculars. As always when a customer tries a number of sets, after we have give initial advice, we take a step back and let the buyer chose with no outside pressure. We do this for two reasons, (1-) No customer likes a sales man breathing down their neck,(2- ). What suits me, does not mean they suit the next person that comes along.

Back on to the binoculars, the customer immediately found compared to lesser priced binoculars, the phase coated prisms gave a edge on sharpness. Also they commented on the build quality. For this reason the Olivon PC 42mm binoculars are one of our best sellers

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