Visionary HD 20×80 binoculars. Perfect for astronomy


A couple visited the Northern Optics weekend outlet looking for a pair of binoculars suitable for astronomy that would compliment their 5″ refractor.  The set he went for was the Visionary HD 20×80.

The plus points from the customers angle was the nice sharp and wide field of view. Lots of detail was picked out on targets from around 100 yards to one mile away. Also they were happy that no tripod adapter was needed, as it is built in to the balance bar. They also commented on the sturdiness of the carry case.

Just like me, they preferred to have the eye cups down at all time for a more comfortable view

The Visionary HD binoculars can be bought from Northern Optics. Our weekend display over looks a country park with distant views. Ideal for those who like to try before you buy.

As well as astronomy use, the HD 20×80 are also suited to ship spotting and long distance terrestrial use. A sturdy tripod will be needed



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