Why does my Celestron Firstscope give an upside down image

If everything is upside down when you use your telescope, don’t be alarmed.

Astronomical telescopes are designed to give an upside down or inverted image. This is not a problem when looking at the sky, since orientation relative to the ground does not matter for a planet, star or nebula.

Newtonian reflectors like the FirstScope show an inverted image when looking into the scope’s eyepiece from the rear (mirror end). The image will appear rotated at an angle when looking into the eyepiece from the scope’s side.

Since the eyepiece of the FirstScope is mounted on top of the tube, there is a trick you can use with your FirstScope for terrestrial views. If you look into the eyepiece from in front of the telescope and slightly to the side so as not to block the light coming into your FirstScope, you image will be right side up and correct left to right.

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