Telescope GOTO or not GOTO. That is the question

Often we get first time buyers looking for a telescope with GOTO as an important factor. This topic divides many people on either side. I am old fashioned in my ways, and think the view you get through the eyepiece is the most important factor. With this in mind, if for example a customer has £500 to spend, my question will be “do you want a £500 telescope or a £200 telescope with £300 worth of electronics”

Through no fault of their own many customers think you take the telescope out the box , press GOTO and it will go to any object you need. If only it was that simple. You still need to enter coordinates , date , time and star align. Not meaning to put you off, as this a simple procedure that takes a few minutes.

Also ask yourself if you need GOTO if the brighter stars, planets and Moon are your targets. These are easy to find with a good star map and finderscope. No GOTO needed. The only thing I would recommend GOTO for is if you are deep space imaging and need to image something you may not be able to see through the telescope visually.

If still in doubt if GOTO is suitable for you, give us a call and I,ll do my best to help


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