Skywatcher AZ4-2 tripod review. By North Lincs Astro

Skywatcher AZ4-2 Alt-Az Mount with Steel Tripod

I bought the Sky-Watcher AZ4 Alt-Azimuth mount as a quick and easy option to use on those nights with unexpected clear spells. For those unfamiliar with the terminology an Alt-Az mount is a basic mount that essentially moves in a basic up/down side to side movement. The mount has separate friction clutches adjusted by large knobs on both the Altitude and Azimuth axes. A panning arm, with two mounting positions, controls the super smooth movements. Telescopes attach to the mount with a standard dovetail bar. A L shaped bracket is included so the mount can be used with spotting scopes or cameras. I bought the steel legged model which feels very sturdy and is still easily portable. Set up could not be easier, carry the mount to your viewing spot, adjust the legs to the required height, attach and balance your scope then adjust the clutches to your preference and your ready to observe. The mount easily holds my Startravel 80 refractor or 150p Newtonian and copes with a 150pro Maksutov no problems.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the AZ4 and would recommend one to anyone looking for a robust and easy to use mount.

Review Courtesy of Paul Cotton from the North Lincs Astro club

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