Olivon TRM-148 Monopod review

The Olivon TRM-148 is a high quality and sturdy aluminium mono-pod. Comes complete with a very good soft case.  Fully adjustable height from 55cm to 148cm. The top section has a useful “twist” tension grip. This is perfect for fine height adjustments. On testing, I could easily manage an 80mm spotting scope. OK, it wont hold it as steady as a tripod. But when a tripod is not an option, it is more than capable, and easy to lean on your shoulder when walking.

As well as a carry case, a wrist strap and an allen key is included. The allen key can be used to adjust the tension of the section levers.

The Monopod is extremely sturdy, and well on par with some other brands costing much more. The foam grip is excellent and helps prevent your hand slipping

For the photographer, and optional TRB-22 ball head can be added. This is perfect for mid sized cameras where you need to quickly move from landscape to portrait modes. The Ball head has a very useful feature, where you can invert the plate , where it becomes a flash hot shoe

Now discontinued



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