Fotomate tripods. First impressions


At the Northern Optics weekend outlet at Barton Upon Humber, the new Fotomate tripods were an instant hit on their first appearance. One customer went for the VP-106 due to its compact and lightweight design. Perfect for travelling by plane with its weight restriction. Value for money was also a major factor at only £29.00 with a case included.

A second customer was looking for a larger tripod to hold his spotting scope. He chose the VT-5006 version. Although this is a more sturdy tripod, the main reason for picking this compared to the VP-106 was a silky smooth and fluid head. Perfect for panning the scenery. Just like the first customer, value for money was mentioned.

The full range of the new fotomate tripods can be purchased HERE mail order. Or a small selection may be on display at our weekend outlet for you to try. Call to find out which are in stock, as well as other brands that may be available

Image upper right shows the VT-6006 version


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