Opticron Adventurer Spotting scope

Released in 2010 by Opticron, and aimed to help fill the gap between the Budget Piccolo scope and the IS50,60,70. I will start by saying this is not an Opticron Piccolo 60mm spotting scope with a twist eye cup. This is completely different scope with better optics.

Specs 15-45×60. Fully coated optics. Although not mentioned, I believe it is fully waterproof. Comes with carry case and table top tripod.

Build quality is much better than the price suggests. The twist eye cup feels like it has been borrowed a much more expensive scope. Focusing and the zoom are both smooth in operation.

Unlike many budget scopes, I found I the eye relief long enough to use with spectacles on. Even at 45x I was getting full screen wearing glasses.

As for the optics.  Well as the saying goes You buy a £109 scope, and you will get a £109 view.This is the case. Compared to the more expensive Opticron scopes you do not get a picture window wide field of view. What you do get however is remarkably good contrast and clear colours throughout the zoom range. There is a slight yellow cast around the edges, but for this price you should,nt be disappointed.

You will be hard pushed to get a better scope in this price range. If £109 is your limit, go for it.

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