Skywatcher Heritage 150P flextube telescope. A great starter scope

The Skywatcher Heritage flextube 150P dobsonian telescope gives you an affordable mid sized telescope that can give excellent results. For people just starting out in astronomy, they need to complicated mount or set up time. Straight out the box, the Heritage 150P can be set up in minutes, as it is already connected to the table top mount. All you need do is remove the lower packaging and extend the OTA till it is fully open. Although described as a table top mount, it can also be used on the floor while seated.

Complete with 10mm and 25mm modified achromatic eyepieces which give 30x and 75x, you are good to go. These magnifications will open your eyes to many night sky delights. At a later date you can upgrade to better quality plossls, but these are fine for starters.

The 150mm (6″) mirror will let plenty of light in for seeing many deep space objects such and the brighter galaxies and nebula, as well as countless rich field areas and star clusters.

A helical focuser is used on the 150P and 130P Heritage flextubes. With this, you screw the eyepiece in and out for focus rather than use a rack and pinion. The helical focuser may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But I find it easy to use.

Finderscope is a single red dot type, which is easy to fit and set up. Finally if buying as a gift , the scope comes packaged in a colourful box showing info and images.Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied): x30 & x75

Available to purchase HERE

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