Opticron Discovery WP PC 10×50 Binoculars Review

Straight out the box, the Opticron Discovery WP PC 10×50 binoculars look impressive. The Discovery series are one of the most stylish binoculars available.  Similar to the 42mm models, but come with drop down 50mm lens covers. I prefer this to the detachable covers that easily fall off the 8×42 and 10×42.

The 50mm lenses give as you expect a very bright image. Colours of leaves and flowers was impressive to say the least. Well up with many 42-3mm ED binoculars. A very flat field gives excellent edge of field sharpness. A little bowing of straight lines on the edge, and noticeable chromatic aberration (even in the centre of view) are minor flaws that will not distract you from how exceptional the image is.

Very wide eyepieces and long eye relief make for very comfortable viewing. In fact the eye relief is so long that I found my self getting the full view with glasses on, even without holding the glasses tight up to the eye pieces.

Despite the weight, I found them easy to hold for long periods. Handling is very good , with a smooth and large focus wheel. There was however a lot of turning needed to change from close focus to infinity. With them being 10x, you will find that almost constant focusing is needed to keep moving object sharp.

Although not as good as the Discovery 8×42 and 8×32 for close up work, I found seeing detail in plants just 2 metres away outstanding. They are the best 10×50 binoculars for close focus work I have ever used.

At just £179 (2011 price) these represent superb value for money. Very highly recommended. 


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