Celestron Travelscope-70 image of the Andromeda Galaxy. 19.10.15

andromeda_celestron_travelscope_70_Northern_Optics 19.10.15a

The image to the right of the Andromeda Galaxy was taken using a Canon 1100D , prime focus through a Celestron Travelscope-70. This equates to a 400mm f5.7 telephoto lens.

This image proves that basic astro photography can be achieved with an inexpensive telescope. Exposure was 10 seconds at 6400 ISO. Mounted on a driven Skywatcher HEQ5.


I did try longer exposure, but this brought out more orange skyglow. Using Canons own Digital photo professional software I was able to use the curves to darken the background sky..I could have pushed this further, but then lost detail in M31. There is some slight evidence of dust lanes, and the nearby satellite galaxy M32 is just visible to the North.

Stacking software such as DSS  (deep space stacker) would help bring out more detail. But I prefer to show what is possible with a single exposure.

The travelscope-70 can be purchased HERE from Northern Optics, with the option of t-ring bundles. After sales advise is also included in the price. This telescope is an ideal starter scope for both visual and photographic needs. Though for photography, we recommend a sturdier mount, and for longer exposure astro photography a driven EQ mount is recommended

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