Olivon PC-3 8×26 binoculars. Blog post 15th December 2019

Olivon PC-3 8×26 binoculars

The Olivon PC-3 8×26 binoculars were the optics of choice when a customer visited the Northern Optics display at their Optics weekend at Barton Upon Humber , Lincolnshire.

Their main requirement was a light weight set that was “grab and go” , so could easily be used if needed in a hurry. After looking at some 32/ 34mm options , they decided the compact size was the best way. The sets tried were in the £79 – £119 range, where one set stood out (in their opinion) from the rest. At only 290g the Olivon PC-3 8×26 binoculars were the lightest. Other factors, apart from the clear optics was the handling, extremely smooth focus wheel, and long eye relief , as the buyer liked to keep glasses on.

The Olivon come with a 10 year warranty , which is 2 years parts and labour, with the remaining 8 years parts only. A soft case , lens caps and a standard nylon neck strap is included. But on this occassion we upgraded to a padded strap, without the customer even asking.

The larger eye pieces compared to many 25mm models makes for easy alignment, with the 124m @ 1000m field of view making tracking of moving targets easy.

Available to purchase from Northern Optics

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