Hawke HD X 8×42 binoculars. Blog post November 2019

It`s always nice when a customer visits our Optics Weekends as a result of a recommendation. In this case the buyer needed a good quailty set of binoculars with 8x magnification. But were open to options with 10x.

It was a difficult choice, as they were impressed with all the choices. After trying the Hawke Endurance¬† ED 8×42 , 10×42, EDx 8×42 and HDx 8×42, it was the later set that gave the best spec for the money. The binoculars they went for were the Hawke Frontier HD X 8×42. Despite not being ED glass, they were happy with the very low levels of chromatic aberration. As I often do, I asked the customer to look at some brightly back lit lamp posts to test for CA.

Handling was also a factor, together with the comphrehensive life time warranty. They also asked about waterproofing, which is standard on all Hawke binoculars from the current range, with the EDx and HDx models giving the best weather protection for use in most conditions. Our buyer was also impressed by the wider field of view conpared to the Endurance ED range

Available to purchase from Northern Optics



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