Levenhuk wise 8×32 monocular review

The Levenhuk wise 8×32 monocular is an entry level monocular with a better than expected view through the eyepiece. A lightweight plastic body helps keep the cost down. But do not let this put you off, as it feels very solid and well put together. On the subject of the body, the positioning of the underside ribbed body and positioning of the focus wheel, makes it the easiest monocular to use I have ever tested.

The model comes with a soft nylon case. But depending on which batch you get, it may come in a soft cloth pouch, which I prefer. You also get a wrist strap and lens covers. Comes packaged in a colourful presentation box, showing the product and some specs.

For such a low priced monocular, the view through the eyepiece is crisp sharp. OK not as bright as slightly higher priced, 42mm models. But at well under £50 it does better than expected in this price range. Image quality falls off in the outer 15%, and is some pincushion distortion and chromatic aberration on high contrast subjects. The eye cup is twist type and has 13.5mm eye relief, which is almost but not quite enough to get a full FOV with spectacles on. I measured close focus at around 1.7m, which is less than the quoted figure. This makes them ideal for looking at bugs and butterflies when out on a walk.

Strong points – The price and good image for a starter monocular Excellent handing

Weak points – Not long eye relief.

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