Hilkinson Skyline 20×80 binoculars review

The Hilkinson Skyline 20×80 binoculars are aimed at a variety of uses, from astronomy, to ship spotting and long distance terrestrial observations. These are heavy, so a sturdy tripod will be required.

The large 80mm objective and 4mm exit pupil give them excellent low light capability. Compared to the very soft nylon case you get with the Celestron skymasters, the Hilkinson come with a very nice semi soft case for added protection when not in use.

Eye relief is quoted at 18mm, but I prefer to use them with the eye cups down all the time. Simple reason for this is that if using for astronomy, you do not want to be touching them is any way, to help reduce shake.

Yes there is chromatic aberration evident, but remember these are a sub £150 80mm set. So you still get a lot for your money.

For a more detailed review, take a look at the video below

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