Hawke Optics Froniter PC 8×25, 10×25 compact binoculars

The Hawke Frontier compact binoculars are the perfect combination of great optics with strong build quality. Despite being only 300g , they certainly do not feel plasticy . The metal twist eye cups are some of the best I,ve I have ever used on compacts. Despite not having increments, they move in and out freely, yet stay in place once set.

For spectacle wearers, I recommend the 8x25s (15.2mm eye relief). At just 10.2mm eye relief, the 10×25 are more suited to non spectacle wearers.

The focus wheel at the front of the body takes a few seconds to get used to, but is ideal for binoculars of this size.

Performance wise, they will easily match many 42mm binoculars in the same price range, despite only being 25mm objectives. Image brightness, contrast and edge of field quality are remarkable for binoculars in this class. 

No internal reflection adds to the image quality, and makes them more than capable of low light use, despite only having a 2.5mm exit pupil

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