Skywatcher UWA 5mm Planetary eyepiece. IO shadow transit

Copy of DSCF1167

A Sky-watcher UWA 5mm eyepiece was used on my trusty old 10″ dob , to observe the IO shadow transit of Jupiter on the 18th Feb 2013.

Pointing the telescope towards Jupiter, I had no idea there was such a spectacle awaiting me. The pin sharp shadow of IO literally jumped out at me. The high contrast optical quality of the UWA 5mm made for a memorable experience. To add to the show, the shadow of the Galilean disc was hovering over the Great Red Spot.

Detail in the cloud belts was the best I have ever known. The outline of the Great Red Spot was crystal clear.

A wide 23mm clear glass element , 16mm eye relief gave a comfortable viewing experience. The UWA 5-element lens assembly gave almost a picture window wide field of view. This from a 5mm eyepiece !

Highly recommended and fantastic value for money


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