Skywatcher StarTravel ST80 telescope eyepieces

Unlike many Skywatcher telescopes including the ST80 OTA (optical tube assembly), the Skywatcher Startravel 80 AZ3 comes with a couple of plossl eyepieces instead of the usual modified achromatic 10mm and 25mm stock eyepieces.

These plossl eyepieces come in 12.5mm and 26mm. Both have a very attractive silver finish, better optics and much more substantial, with you instantly find them a heavier eyepiece compared to the M/As.

The 12.5mm is multi-coated with a grove on the barrel for a more secure fit. However the 26mm is fully coated. But do not let this put you off, as the coatings are excellent and eye relief is long. Only downside with the 26mm is the lack of a fold down eye cup. This makes it a little tricky to use if not wearing spectacles.  But this is a minor gripe, and there is no such issue with the 12.5mm as it has shorter eye relief.

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