Skywatcher 1.25″ 6mm UWA 58 deg Planetary eyepiece

Copy of DSCF1167

Sitting nicely in the mid range of the Skywatcher UWA 58 deg Planetary eyepiece range is the 6mm option. This is a sensible mid-high power eyepiece that will give 166.6x magnification on a 1000mm focal length telescope, or over 300x with many SCT / MAK type telescopes.

Just like the rest of the range, the 6mm version comes in the same body style and high build quality. Also like the rest of the set you get great internal baffling with black edges. This is essential for Planetary and Lunar/Solar work.

Do not think these eyepieces are just for Planets and the Moon. They also make great double star splitters and work great on smaller DSOs like Planetary nebulae

Image shows the 5mm option for demonstration purposes

Available to purchase from Northern Optics


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