Ostara compact 1.25″ telescope eyepiece and filter set OS333763

The Ostara 6 piece compact telescope eyepiece and filter set nicely bridges the gap between the budget sets and the £100+ options. In the kit you get three Ostara HR fully coated 1.25″ eyepieces with a sensible range of 5mm, 15mm and 25mm. These focal lengths will be ideal for most situations.

Also in the box you get an Ostara 1.25″ crystalview moon filter and #3 Polarising filter. All of which are presented in a compact but sturdy aluminium case, which has been pre-cut. Case shown upper right

The outer box is surrounded by a colourful “pull over” outer layer which makes it look very smart if presenting as a gift idea

Click HERE to buy from Northern Optics

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