Ostara 6 piece eyepiece and filter set. Customer review

The following is a genuine customer review from one of our customers who bought the Ostara 6 piece eyepiece and filter set

Just received a set of ostara EPs to replace the stock ones that came with my Sky-Watcher 114p newt
Well I must say the improvement I’ve seen on terrestrial images is rather astounding , and I’m now wondering why I never did it sooner
Northern optics have done a cracking job packaging them and delivery was super quick so a big thank you there
I’ll let you know what they are like under a clear sky when one appears but it can only be an improvement on the ones I had before
For info you get plossls 25 15 and 5 mm a polorising filter and a moon filter £59 in an ally and foam case (no dust caps tho !) 

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