Ostara 1.25″ Moon and Skyglow filter review.

The following review of the Ostara 1.25″ Moon / Skyglow filter was posted on an internet forum during 2013.

“Ok had my first light this Wednesday… I live in a flat and have 30-40 very bright lights facing my balcony.

this lovely filter cleared out Andromeda and made it look like a bright star with some fuzzy arms,… With my camera I can always darken my tv screen for contrasts but I must exert, the yellowish glow is GONE!!!

Also was able to see the blue snow ball nebula but it was very small not sure if I saw a near by star but it was light blue and was very impressed!

point is out of all people on SGL my LP is the worst trust me!!! It’s the worst amount of stray light one can have.. My heq5 and dale have given up on me I always stargaze from somewhere else.. This filter,might just save the hobby for me!! ”

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