Celestron Nextar 6SE. A true dual use telescope

The Celestron Nexstar 6SE has been around for a few years now. But still makes for a great dual use / imaging telescope. The 1500mm focal length makes it perfect for medium to high power views. But with the introduction of many UWA eyepieces, you can also be rewarded with some excellent views of DSO objects like star clusters and brighter nebula. As standard accepts 1.25″ eyepieces, but can be upgraded to 2″ focusers for a wider variety of eyepieces.

For imaging, the OTA is tailor made for prime focus photography (no eyepiece used) . This makes it a 1500mm f10 , plus the crop factor of your DSLR , depending on which camera body you have.

If prime focus is not for you, then this popular scope can easily be used for CCD imaging. With the correct software and accurate focus, this can yield fantastic results.

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