Celestron Astromaster 114EQ telescope review

The Celestron astromaster 114 EQ is aimed at the beginner. Complete with a CG-2 German EQ mount and a couple of eyepieces, it has everything you need to get started.

I personally am not a fan of erect image eyepieces on Newtonian telescopes. But you can easily upgrade to a more suitable plossl version. With a range of magnifications 50x – 100x and an aperture of 114mm, you should be able to make out many features on the Moon, see the 2 main cloud belts of Jupiter + its 4 brightest moons. Saturn will show its rings, plus some of the brighter Moons. Mars will be more tricky, but may just make out its red disc shape. Venus and Mercury will show phases.

But do not think this telescope is only for the Moon and Planets. From a dark sky area, a wealth of Nebula, galaxies and star clusters will be within reach, plus countless double stars.

Following the instructions, the mount is very easy to set up with no tools required. Once polar aligned, tracking using the slow motion controls is a breeze. Though there is a motor as an option.

See more of my views in the video below

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