Zeiss Victory HT binoculars


A revolution with up to more than 95% light transmission.

Up to more than 95% light transmission – this revolutionary value allows you to experience nature in a whole new dimension. The new VICTORY HT range benefits from an innovative optical concept: SCHOTT® HT high transmission glass, the Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating and the Abbe-König prism system. The result is a set of binoculars with unrivalled brightness, making it possible for you to observe for much longer periods of time. Complementing the unique, elegant design, the binoculars rely on particularly innovative ergonomics. The new Comfort Focus concept, for example, makes the brightest premium binoculars in the world extremely easy to use.


Innovative optical concept

Unrivalled brightness, thanks to a light transmission of up to more than 95% – this unique result is created by the innovative optical concept of the VICTORY HT range. It is made possible by the perfect interplay of SCHOTT® HT glass, the Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating and the Abbe-König prism system.  Observe those creatures that are active in the twilight hours, such as nightingales, earlier in the morning and bats, screech owls and other shy animals later in the evening. This innovative, high-performance package will enable you to enjoy the true majesty of nature, even in poor light conditions.


Ergonomic Comfort-Focus-Concept

Top quality user ergonomics – that is the promise of the new Comfort Focus concept, focussing wheel. The strikingly large focussing wheel is set a long way forwards on the bridge. You will be aware of the benefits the very first time you use the binoculars. The focussing wheel lies automatically below your index finger, your thumbs gently grip the barrels while the remaining three fingers rest easily next to your index finger. You will no longer have to think about how to hold the binoculars: when a bird flies past you can simply lift them up and focus. The particularly long gearing of the focussing wheel allows you to focus on your target quickly and accurately. The VICTORY HT: designed to ensure that you get the most out of your birdwatching!


Extreme robust Double-Link-Bridge

The extremely robust construction offers the very highest levels of precision and durability. The housing, with its innovative double-link bridge, is made of high-tensile, ultra-light magnesium. The focussing wheel is securely embedded in the housing. This means that the VICTORY HT is perfectly equipped for use even in the most extreme conditions.


Brilliant FL concept

Make the most of the full richness of colour and brilliance in the world of birds. The outstanding lens construction, using lenses made of high-performance fluoride glass – FL for short – helps you to see the colours with more brilliance and natural authenticity and to observe details such as plumage more clearly. Chromatic aberrations are kept to a minimum. Important details, such as a bird’s eyebrow stripe, are shown as nature intended them to be seen, while colours and shapes are clearly defined.


LotuTec® coating

Water simply rolls off the lens as it does from a lotus leaf or off a duck’s back. The LotuTec®coating on the lens and eyepiece ensures that water or snow simply roll off the surface of the glass. Since neither water nor dirt can collect on the surface of the VICTORY HT you can spend less time cleaning and more time watching nature.


Design for perfection

The elegant and ergonomic design makes the VICTORY HT binoculars far easier to use. The particularly slim construction of the double-link bridge and an extremely large grip on the lens barrels make these binoculars exceptionally natural and easy to handle. This ensures smooth imaging in any situation, however they are held. In this way the design supports the highest standards of perfect visual experiences.

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