Barr and Stroud Sierra 10×50 Binoculars Review

To test the Sierra 10x50s to the best of their capabilities I purposely waited till dusk. With the Sun having set, I looked in to the shadows of the nearby trees and shrubs. Despite the low light, I could see colours and detail where smaller binocular would fail. These really are low light specialist binoculars.

Yes, these are suitable for everyday use. But if you are after a lightweight pair that you can slip in an inside pocket, they may not be for you.

On paper at 780g they seem quite light for a 50mm pair of binoculars. However in practice they do become a strain with prolonged use.

You will find you need to keep your finger on the focus wheel all the time, because a shallow depth of field means for constant minor adjustments. This is OK for the seasoned binocular user, but maybe not for the beginner.

Despite the weight, I found handling excellent. The balance very easy in the hands. Twist eye cups, focus wheel and dioptre adjustment are all smooth in action.

As you would imagine the larger optics give a very bright and clear image. As mentioned above, to keep everything sharp, accurate focus and dioptre settings are required.

Summing up, in bright daylight they may not outperform many 10×42 binoculars. But in low light conditions they really come into their own.

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