Acuter Sports Binoculars Review

Available in 8×21, 10×25 and 12×32 the Acuter sports binoculars cover many uses.  All three models are probably the best I,ve tested in this class.

For image quality the 8×21 s the best. This gives a delightful wide view. Easily outperforms the budget £9.99 compacts, but you pay a slightly higher price for this. Perfect all round binoculars for adults and children.

The 12×32 are a big suprise. Many low priced 12x25s are simply not up to the job. The extra 7mm diameter of the Acuter Sports lens gives a very clear view, and much better than I expected. Perfect for plane spotters who cant handle the weight of full sized optics. Field of view is also much better than on other brands with 12x25mm optics.

All come in a very tough rubber armoured body. This also makes them easy to grip. The case and strap are minimal, but this helps keep the price down.

Outstanding value for money and highly recommended



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