Acuter Inova Binoculars review

At the time of writing this review the Acuter Inova binoculars have an RRP of just £69. If these cost £129 or more, it would be easy to find faults. But at this crazy low price you get a lot of binoculars for your money, and don’t deserve to be criticized. Available in 8×42 and 10×42.

Out of the box they feel well built yet very light. The chunky twist eye cups and focus wheel are very smooth to operate. The view is bright and clear, with the 8x giving a wider field. You will find the 10×42 needs regular work with the focus to keep everything sharp.

Features multi coated optics and nitrogen waterproofing, so no corner cutting there. The soft case is basic but functional, as is the strap. Handling is very easy and user friendly.
At just 600g they are perfect for walks.

Both models suit spectacle wearers, but the field of view is narrower than most others in the 8x and 10x 42mm range.

10/10 for value for your money



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