Ostara filter wallet


Useful and well priced filter wallet from Ostara
Holds up to six 1.25″ telescope filters (4 in cases or 6 not in cases)

Ideal for keeping your filters in an inside pocket for easy and fast access when needed.
Filters are one of those small astro accessories that are easy to lose. No such worries here,
with the Ostara filter wallet to keep them all together

The case is an attractive black finish with light blue inner
Nylon construction
Velcro fastener
Light padding

On testing we found you could fully close the wallet with up to 6 filters not in their cases (lose)
or 4 filters in their cases

19cm x 8.5cm x 3cm when folded (The 3cm will vary depending on how many filters are packaged

Available to purchase from  Northern Optics

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