Optical Hardware 1.25″ t-adapter and t-ring

The Optical hardware 1.25″ t-adapter allows prime focus photography with telescopes that accept 1.25″ accessories such as eyepieces.


You will need an additional t-ring for your own make of SLR or DSLR camera body. To use, simply connect the t-ring to the t-adapter, and connect to your camera as you would a camera lens. You can not fix to your telescope.

Due to infinity focus issues, to get infinity focus on some newtonian telescopes you may need to use with a barlow, move the primary mirror up the tube, or use a low profile focuser to get sharp focus.

The adapter is of a strong metal construction, and is threaded to accept 1.25″ filters

The image shows a t-ring connected to the adapter

A great range of t-adapters and t-rings can be purchased from Northern Optics

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