Maplin N50JU triple pack flight case

The Maplin N50JU triple pack aluminium flight case is quoted as being ideal for engineering tools. But on tested we found it ideal for binoculars. We were easily able to accommodate each case for a range of binoculars from 42mm up to giant 20x80mm plus accessories.


Each case comes with movable dividers that can be moved to suit each set. The 2 smaller sizes have 2 dividers and the largest has 3

These cases will not only help protect your binoculars from minor bumps compared to a standard soft case, but they will also help keep the damp weather of the optics when not in use in the field if used for astronomy

The example image shows a set of 15×70, 10×50 and 8×43 binoculars inside the larger case

Don,t just think they are for tools and binoculars. They can be used for safe storage of any general use items

Available to purchase from Northern Optics where you will also see full spec

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