LevenHuk Zongo 80 telescope carry case

The Levenhuk zongo 80 telescope case has been a popular product for the members of the North Lincs astro society when Northern Optics pays a visit with the regular display of astro goodies. So if the Zongo-80 gets the seal or approval from the North Lincs astro guys, you can be sure its up to the task.

The case itself is much more sturdy than the images suggest.  The 35×12×101 cm size is big enough for many scopes, including telescopes up to 130mm and focal lengths to 900mm. The OTA and mount may need to be separated. But no worries here, as the adjustable divider stops each component to catch each other.

Comes is a very attractive blue livery with a zip up outer. You can either carry as normal, or throw over your shoulder.

*Note that the outer box as shown in the image may not be included

Bag size:  100x31x28 cm/39.4×12.2×11 in

This bag will protect your telescope from any impacts while transported, and from dust and moisture while stored. The Levenhuk Zongo 80 Telescope Case is made of durable dark blue nylon, with orange elements and Levenhuk logos sewn in.

Usage: General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.


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