Baader Planetarium solar viewers. Reflection free

The latest Baader Planetarium solar viewers #2459294 feature a new reflection free coating to aid solar viewing. Perfect for Solar eclipses and larger Sun spots. As always with solar glasses they should only be used on their own and not with a telescope with not solar filter attached.

This CE-certified new solar viewer does confirm and largely supersedes all eye-safety requirements of EN ISO 12312-2:2015. The dark eye-side now is utmost convenient to view through. The solar image is tack sharp and almost neutral white in colour with a tack of blue, providing more spectral information than a viewer that is blind across most of the spectrum and provides only a reddish sun.  The new Solar Viewer AstroSolar® Silver/Gold does not just block potentially harmful UV-light, but also perfectly blocks all heat-radiation (IR). This enables extreme viewing comfort without irritation from perceived heat build-up inside the eyeball during prolonged viewing.


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